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Mayan Twist Pen in Nothern Lights Rhino Acrylic with Pewter Hardware. This is a pen rich in world history, symbolism and design. Authentic, ancient Mayan details abound; The pen cap features a stepped pyramid, topped by the face of the sun god, Kinich Ahua, whose tongue it sticking out in request of sacrifices. Below this is wrapped the serpent god, Quetzelcoatl, a deity revered in ancient Mesoamerica, and god of the morning star. Topping the clip is the most revered symbol of all, the Jaguar. Rulers, warriors, and priests revered this feline. Below the Jaguar is a sacrificial knife, a symbol of ritual sacrifice as well a symbol for a fierce and formidable people that built an empire, and whose descendants still walk the earth. The pen band captures each of the 20 Mayan sun signs in extraordinary detail. The Mayans kept their own systems of time, starting from a day 0. Their Tzolkin Calendar is made up of 13 repetitions of 20 different days or sun signs depicted on the band. The Mayan pen is easy to make with two 8mm tubes and includes a smooth writing Parker style refill. Overall length is 6 inches.

Mayan Twist Pen in Nothern Lights Rhino Acrylic with Pewter Hardware

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