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"Hand Crafted Pens", "Designer Pens"

"Beautiful Gifts for Him and Her"...

A handmade writing pen given as a gift is a very personal choice, and will be cherished by the recipient for a liftime!

Welcome to my store! I produce the finest handcrafted writing instruments out of wood, acrylic and other materials. No two pens are alike! If you don't find a style you like in the material of your choice, please contact me,I would be happy to quote custom work !


Fountain Pens - are being rediscovered everywhere. Maybe it's a sense of nostalgia, maybe it's the smooth writing characteristics - maybe it's time for you to try one?


Rollerball Pens - write with liquid ink and are close cousins to fountain pens, writing very smoothly, but have the convenience of a ballpoint-pen-like refill. Several pens that are listed here can be found identically in the Fountain Pens category, because I can convert many styles from Fountain Pen to Rollerball.


Ballpoint Pens - Some of the ballpoint pens I make can take a Gel refill. Gel refills have similar characteristics to rollerball, writing nearly as smoothly, but do not dry out and therefore do not have to be capped. This is listed as an option on every ballpoint pen that uses a Parker-style refill.


Mechanical Pencils - Most of the mechanical pencils I make use a twist mechanism, and typically the more robust 0.7 mm leads. I also have sketchers with 5.6 mm leads.


Stylis Pens - My touchscreen stylis pens work on all current touchscreen devices including ipad, iphone, ipod touch, and other android tablets and phones.

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